“I came here as a last ditch effort. After trying chiropractors since 1973, pain management, and many homeopathic remedies I had given up hope of living alone. I had prayed to have open doors to either selling my home or get relief from my pain. I ran into a lady while shopping who told me about Dr. Tina. I went home, prayed, and researched Dr. Tina. I made an appointment and know this has been an answer to my prayers. I’ve been coming for several months and find myself very thankful for this place. I have gone for sitting most of the time to be able to function around my home, doing things needed. I am not totally pain free and never will be but the quality of my physical activities have improved 87-90%. I am so thankful for Dr. Tina and her staff. They are superior to anything else I’ve tried.”

– Elisabeth

“Being able to do things as I get older, movement, yard work, gardening, help with house work is how Chiropractic works for me. I can also do things with my grand children.”

– Wayne

“Things are always so much better when I have regular chiropractic care. I can feel it when I don’t get in each week, and I feel so much better when I do!

– Louise

“I have been coming to see Dr. Tina for over a year now and have been impressed with knowledge and skill level. She adjusts me differently each time according to how I feel. Immediately after each adjustment, I feel a great feeling and have a more positive attitude. Each and every hurt and/or issue I present to Dr. Tina is resolved through a methodical set of adjustments. Dr. Tina  also educates you on post treatment exercises and nutrition. The entire staff is extremely pleasant and welcoming.”

– Jason

“When I first decided to seek Chiropractic care, I had major lower back pain from a herniated disk and general pain from being several inches misaligned. As I started treatment, I began to notice my back pain had lessened as well as my steps feeling more even, making my foot pain decreased. I didn’t even know how much it hurt until it stopped! I’m so grateful to have had great progress and plan to continue for better overall health. Thank you!”

– Andrea

“I had great experience here. I came in with significant back and shoulder pain. Today, I have very little to no pain in either area. I feel great and I am glad I found Dr. Tina. She is very friendly and makes you feel at home when in her office. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone and everyone. The office staff is awesome as well, very welcoming and helpful.”

– Shane

“Able to resume activities! I am able to begin some exercise again. I have improved range of motion, less stiffness, less pain and therefore, improved outlook and attitude!”



– Sarah

“I have been feeling better since I have started coming here. My lower back pain has all but completely gone away and my shoulder doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I definitely am happy I started seeing Dr. Tina and her staff. ”

– Joseph

“Since starting at Sigafoose Chiropractic no more headaches and pain. My posture feels better as well. “

– Crystal

“Since coming to Dr. Tina I have been able to do my job better than before and feel more comfortable”

– Philip

” After years of neck, back and shoulder pain for work I decided to try Chiropractic care. Don’t know why I waited so long. I wouldn’t be able to keep up or do my job. I’m now telling our new stylist starting out. Get a good chiropractor cause it saved my job!”

– Angela

“If I hadn’t been coming in for fifteen years, I probably be in worst shape. I would have to use a cane. I wouldn’t be skiing or riding a bike and weighing 300 lbs. ”

– Gordon

“I came in with chronic lower back pain, after receiving chiropractic care with Dr. Tina my pain has considerably decreased.Everyone I talk to with back pain I try to get them to come in. My life has been considerably different with chiropractic care.”

– Garrett

“I’ve been getting adjustments from Dr. Tina for a few years now. I used to have bad low back pain before I came to Sigafoose Chiropractic. I am happy to say my back pain has been almost completely gone for my years of adjustments. It has also helped me preserve my flexibility and continue to do what I enjoy..

– Cory

“I’ve been coming to Sigafoose Chiropractic since the fall of 1979. Having headaches frequently I started getting adjustments and started feeling much better thanks to all the doctors who treated me. Thank You.”

– Barbara

“Because of the maintenance program I am currently on with Dr Tina S., my back remains pain free and I have total mobility. I am not afraid to lift because I know my spine is straight and performing the way it is meant to. Thank you so much!”

– Rob

“When I came to Tina I was having a lot of problems sleeping due to back/neck pain and numbness in my hand and arm. Within a short period of time I was feeling much better with regular adjustments. Another huge success I had was when I was 27ish weeks pregnant my daughter was breech. When I told Dr. Tina she suggested a special adjustment and it worked! That evening my daughter flipped and I was able to deliver her without a C-section! “

– Carmelita

“I came to see Dr. Tina at my son’s urging when I couldn’t lift my arm without pain. After the first adjustment, not only did I have some movement in my arm that I didn’t have before, But I could rotate my neck more than before. That was something I hadn’t even noticed was so limited until pulling onto route 30 was easier that first day than it had been in years! Now six months later, my neck and back feel better than they have in a long time, I haven’t gotten my annual early spring/late winter bronchitis, and my cholesterol levels are lower than they were”

– Michele

“Before coming to Sigafoose I constantly had intense headaches that made me miserable and at times unable to move my neck to drive. After following the treatment plan I have significantly less headaches, and overall feel better.”

– Sean

“Prior to Chiropractic care I suffered from neck pain that would lead to headaches. My headaches would occur at minimum of once weekly. Since Chiropractic care and getting adjustments on a regular basis my headaches have not occurred. I don’t wake up anymore with neck pain. After my adjustments I feel more alert and ready for the day. I have also started my son on Chiropractic care. He’s 14 years old and suffered from two concussions in lacrosse. He feels less headaches and less back pain since starting care as well. I tell all my friends, coworkers, family about Chiropractic care and adjustments. These adjustments have changed my health and every day living for the better. My quality of life is so much better now. Thank you, Dr. Tina!”

– Rebecca

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