Before starting here at Sigafoose I was always experiencing lower back pain and my shoulders were always sore. After a few adjustments my back pain went away and I could move my shoulder enven more. I would recommend Sigafoose chiro anytime.

– Nick

“I am so happy I started coming to Sigafoose Chiropractic. My lower back and neck pain have decreased significantly with the care I have received. The staff, as well as Dr. Tina, are beyond wonderful. They are all thoughtful, loving and caring. I feel great after my treatment.”

– Jane

“Have been able to walk, sitting up better and less pain. My pain is a lot better since Dr.Tina has been adjusting me.”

– Flo

“I’ve been coming here for thirty plus years. Can’t describe my condition but I know I could not walk. I give my good health to chiropractic after God almighty. Could not go with out it.”

– Nancy

“I do not get headaches anymore and I have no more left hand pain. I’ve had no colds this year. I don’t take my allergy medicine because I don’t need it anymore. Sigafoose Chiropractic is a really good place to go for a Chiropractor.”

– Adam

“I came to Sigafoose as a last resort for chronic pain in my side. I was checked repeatedly for gall bladder, kidney stones, you name it. After a few short weeks of Chiropractic care, the pain was gone, as were a number of unrelated but annoying issues, which I was told was carpal tunnel. I am a complete convert and will never stop coming.”

– Maggie

“I came with sciatica. I couldn’t walk or barely sit! This was my second time with Dr Tina so I knew she could fix me right up! It took a couple of weeks to get back to normal but after the first adjustment I immediately felt a ton better! Chiropractic has helped my life and body feel great! If it was not for Dr Tina I’d still be crippled and bed ridden!”

– Larissa

“Just Wow! I would get real bad headaches, hip, feet, neck issues. Since I have been coming all of the issues are better and it’s because of Dr Tina, just love her.”

– Deanna

“Coming to Chiropractor allows me to compete in swimming and running events without pain from my back and neck, which is cool.”

– Rachel

“After many adjustments I started to feel better. I predict to be back to pretty good shape soon for the shape I’m in. Definitely made my aches and pain relieved.”

– Harold

“This is my 6th year and I have been on a maintenance plan for the last 2 years. This path has changed my life for the better, mentally and physically. I am so glad and thankful for the difference it is making in my life. Virtually no pain anymore, with no dizziness, or headaches. It has also been a springboard for an awareness that I was overlooking. Enjoying this walk of life.”

– Donna

“I have been going to Sigafoose Chiropractic for six months. Since then I have barely any migraines. Thank you for being there for me. I feel a lot better. ”

– Jacob

“When I started Chiropractic care my body was a wreck. Every week 1-2 times, I would get extreme pain in my neck, so bad it would basically paralyze me, and made me have sickness. Now I rarely experience any of these pains, have more energy, feel better, etc. I am so glad I decided to get Chiropractic help. Thank all of you so much.”

– Todd

“Chiropractic was a maintenance item for me to relieve neck pain. In this past 6 months chiropractic adjustments have been paramount in dealing with debilitating headaches caused by complications from TMJ. Dr Tina worked with my TMJ specialist to bring me back to quality of life that I used to have before the painfulness exploded.”

– Barney

“When I started coming in, my hips hurt, my foot hurt, my body was in rough shape. Through my treatments, my spine is back in line, and I have less to no pain. It has been a successful and enjoyable time. I am thankful for coming so I can have the healthy connection I need to run my busy, but amazing life. “

– Kyra

“Very good to have as my spine friends. I was having great pain and I knew that Chiropractic was the only answer. Years ago, my family doctor put me on ibuprofen (650MG). That only masked the problem; it didn’t fix my situation. Chiropractic care was the only permanent fix!”

– Ethan

“Not only does the relief keep me coming back, knowing that over time Chiropractic will continue to keep me healthy! “

– Luke

“My neck pain is pretty minor if anything anymore. I no longer have hip pain. With weekly adjustments, I can perform usually activities like teaching dance and carrying around my 30 pound toddler!”

– Breonna

“I am better health now than before. Feel good and more active. Sleep better and no more headaches. Used to get migraines but not anymore. Great place: Dr Tina is great and the staff are great. I hope to live to be a hundred. I am happy I found this place. “

– Tahgie

“Dr Tina helps me feel better, and she makes me feel like I am stronger. She helped my neck feel better. Now I’m stronger than before. Thank you Dr Tina  ”

– Hannah