“I feel better each time I get adjusted. When I started I had a recurrent pain that did not go away and now I don’t have ongoing pain anymore.”

– Lisa

“Sigafoose Chiropractic was an enjoyment. The people are enjoyable to be around. Since coming my lower back feels good, no problems. It mad me feel real good.”

– Andrew

“Prior to coming to Sigafoose I spent years suffering from excruciating back pain. I was taking a lot of pain medication to cope daily. Once I started seeing Dr. Tina things changed significantly. I no longer need medication often. After a few adjustments I felt like a whole new person. I was able to start enjoying the little things such as sitting in the car without pain. Being able to get out of bed without crying or moving like a 90 yr old. Being able to do my job  without suffering in silence for 8 hrs. Bending to touch my toes; something I could not do for years because it hurt so bad.

Today, almost 6 months after I began my treatment, I can say with confidence that I am a 37 yr old who feels 37 and not 90 yrs old. This is all thanks to Dr. Tina and her team. Working with them has made my life so much easier and enjoyable without pain. I thank my lucky stars I met Jill when I did. She led me to relief that I didn’t think was possible.

Each adjustment from Dr Tina brought more relief than the last one so much so that I look forward to my appointments with a smile. Than you all so much for everything.”

– Samanta

“Sigafoose has helped my back and neck a lot. I have sciatica flare ups and adjustments help tremendously! I wouldn’t know where I’d be today without Chiropractic”

– Larissa

“After my first adjustment I felt alive. My brain stem was pinched off. I suffered from headaches, severe pressure and anxiety. I finally felt alive! I was thinking everyday that I was suffering Dr Tina turned my life switch back on! Thanks Dr Tina!”

– Nathan

“Before coming to Sigafoose Chiropractic I had a lot of back issues, migraines , and tension in my shoulders. Thanks to all of the adjustments, I have been a lot better. My back doesn’t hurt anymore, my migraines have almost completely stopped, and I have zero tension! I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone and everyone!”

– Maddy

“I had much lower back pain I could not walk more than a half a block. I had to stop and rest to go on. An x-ray showed trouble in my spine. I have been on a program with Dr Tina and have had much success. I still have some pain but it is not constant and not as severe. I can walk much better with a lot less pain, still working on the distance and I am gaining on it.”

– Jerry

“I had severe depression and a lot of pain in my neck. Dr Tina worked with me to help me physically to heal with my misalignment and also with Isotonic vitamins that are a great help. I feel better now than in a long time.”

– Diane

“When I can to Sigafoose, I was in constant pain. I had a different Chiropractor and wasn’t getting much help with my pain. My family doctor suggested that I go in for pain management shots. Once I heard that I decided to try Dr Tina! I am so glad I made that decision! Today I am virtually pain free and no shots! The key is stick to the plan!”

– Joe

“I get adjusted once a week to relieve pain in my hips from running. My hips always feel to be locked up and going to the chiropractor helps them become loose enough to run freely without pain in my hips. Going to the chiropractor lets me run more to be an athletic person which helps me in sports.”

– Mason

“I came a few years ago for a neck injury and was taken care of . Dr Tina managed to help me where PT/medication could not. I stopped coming and knew I wasn’t as healthy as I could be. I started coming again over the past few months and of course, not only does my back feel better, but my overall health and well being has improved. I also have ‘pulse tinitus’ and it is relieved with adjustment.”

– Patricia

“I have been a patient of Sigafoose Chiropractic for many years. My health is excellent. At age 74, I have no medications. I look forward to continued good health due to chiropractic care. ”

– Roy

“I came to Sigafoose because I wanted to treat my back pain; brought my children to increase overall wellness naturally. I choose this office because they were recommended by a coworker and had good reviews. I felt welcomed and comfortable my first time. I have been coming for nearly 7 years now so my experience has been wonderful and the exercises are simple to incorporate into daily routine. My back pain has totally resolved, my immunity is great and my pregnancies and children have all been very healthy so far.”

– Leah

“I initially came in due to a running related neck injury and throughout the course of the last 6 months I’ve found relief, not only for my neck, but in my lower back as well. I would highly recommend the treatment that the Sigafoose Life Center staff has provided, regardless of your discomfort.”

– Greg

“I came in for sciatic pain and within a few sessions, I felt SO much better. Dr Tina’s approach is awesome! I like how they look at alternative ways to heal physical issues instead of medication/surgery/etc. It’s such a friendly environment too!”

– Kristin

“Adjustments help keep my blood pressure lower. It helps keep my back pain minimal. I don’t get the flu shot and adjustments boost my immune system.”

– Don

“Not only does the relief keep me coming back, knowing that over time Chiropractic will continue to keep me healthy! “

– Luke

“My neck pain is pretty minor if anything anymore. I no longer have hip pain. With weekly adjustments, I can perform usually activities like teaching dance and carrying around my 30 pound toddler!”

– Breonna

“I am better health now than before. Feel good and more active. Sleep better and no more headaches. Used to get migraines but not anymore. Great place: Dr Tina is great and the staff are great. I hope to live to be a hundred. I am happy I found this place. “

– Tahgie

“Thank You. Dr Tina and staff for the care and friendship! I have had a better health and outlook on life due to good health experienced since coming to get adjusted. As I am getting older and experiencing arthritic pains I look forward to continued good health through Chiropractic Care.”

– Ruth

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