“I used to have a lot a hip and neck pain. With Chiropractic care and daily Chiropractic exercise, I’ve noticed posture is better and my pains are less.”

– Jessica

“Since I started coming to Sigafoose Chiropractic, many of my neck, shoulder, back and hip pain have improved. A majority of these pains I didn’t even know I had because everything felt numb at first. Getting adjusted has greatly improved my posture as well. Overall it has been a great improvement in my quality of life.”

– Diego

“Besides Chiropractic care I have taken advantage of cold laser therapy on my elbow and foot. It helped so much. I no longer have any pain. My back feels 99% better since coming to see Dr. Tina (Approx. 2 yrs). I have also had massages which feel amazing. The one thing I noticed the most is that I can stand longer without having to sit down because my back hurts too bad.

– Sherry

“I have been coming to see Dr. Tina for over a year now and have been impressed with knowledge and skill level. She adjusts me differently each time according to how I feel. Immediately after each adjustment, I feel a great feeling and have a more positive attitude. Each and every hurt and/or issue I present to Dr. Tina is resolved through a methodical set of adjustments. Dr. Tina  also educates you on post treatment exercises and nutrition. The entire staff is extremely pleasant and welcoming.”

– Jason

Since starting Chiropractic care, I have felt relief with headaches. I leave here feeling a lot less tense and feel relaxed. I never realized how much a Chiropractic adjustment helps with so much more in my body! I will continue and am very happy with the outcome from Dr. Tina!

– Ashley

“For most weekly visits I’ve kept a maintenance routine and have had overall good health. This year I’ve had a few instances of lower back tightness/discomfort to work through. With regular adjustments and exercises/stretching, I’ve been able to renew the overall good health I\m used to. It has been just a bit more effort than normal.”

– Scott

“I’ve been coming for 6 yrs for my sciatic nerve being pinched. Over the years it has not been flaring up. Going to Chiropractic appointments and doing exercises, I maintain adjustments 2 to 3 times a month. I’m a believer in Chiropractic treatments. I know my body now when I need to be adjusted.”

– Tara

“When I started coming here I had a lot of pain. My first adjustment went very well. I was really happy when I got my energy. Also I recommended one of my workers to come and have an adjustment. Every one has an amazing way to talk with you and respecting everyone that comes.  I feel like a whole new person now. I am so  appreciative that I came here. ”

– Jose

“A couple months after I turned 16, I started having severe lower back pain. It was hard to sit for long periods of time and sometimes hard to walk because of the pain that would radiate to my legs. Finally I went to the Doctor’s and they put me in physical therapy. After a couple months of that I noticed a bit of change, but still constantly hurt. My parents, who had been coming here for a long time, brought me here, where they took the time to examine me and take x-rays. I am now almost 20 and have been coming almost 3 years. The change I have seen is amazing. My adjustments help with the back pain and I haven’t had the same pain since I fist started.”

– Abby

“I have been coming to see Dr Tina for many years. Chiropractic care has been a great help to me. It has helped with back aches and my physical health. Dr Tina is a great person and Chiropractor. Her staff and office is friendly. I am feeling good and in good health due to chiropractic. Dr Tina is the best! Thank you for all you do taking care of me.”

– Linda

” I was skeptical about seeing a Chiropractor until my wife asked me to give it a try. I had lower back pain into my leg and since treatments I have better movement and the pain has decreased to almost being gone.”

– Edgar

“If I hadn’t been coming in for fifteen years, I probably be in worst shape. I would have to use a cane. I wouldn’t be skiing or riding a bike and weighing 300 lbs. ”

– Gordon

“Orthopedic surgeon said only course of action was cortisone shots, they didn’t work. After several months of chronic pain and dissatisfaction with doctors, I came to see Dr. Sigafoose about my chronic hip pain. Since beginning Chiropractic care my hip pain has disappeared. Best thing I did was to begin Chiropractic care.”

– Keith

“When I first came into Dr. Sigafoose I couldn’t sit or stand with any  comfort. After decompression and several adjustments I am able to work and play without any discomfort.

– Chuck

“I’ve been coming here for many years. Back pain gone. I have other aches and pain in arms and legs due to aging. By getting monthly treatments I have kept pain to a minimum. I am satisfied with treatment received over many years.”

– Nova

“Because of the maintenance program I am currently on with Dr Tina S., my back remains pain free and I have total mobility. I am not afraid to lift because I know my spine is straight and performing the way it is meant to. Thank you so much!”

– Rob

“I was skeptical about seeing a Chiropractor until my wife convinced me to give it a try. I had lower back pain into my leg. Since treatments I have better movement and the pain has decreased to almost being gone. “

– Edgar

“I have truly enjoyed my experience here at Sigafoose Chiropractic. The relief I have experienced from lower back pain since starting with Sigafoose Chiropractic has been beyond my expectations. I am very thankful for their expertise in this practice. I have truly enjoyed each visit, not only the alignment, but the interaction with the wonderful staff.”

– Kim

“Wonderful staff very friendly feels like family. Grateful to have a plan for the whole family, and the in depth plan put in place is great. I appreciate the time and dedication given to each and every one of my family members. I came in with back pain, and all though its still there it has decreased dramatically. I tell every one about Sigafoose and that they should get checked out!  “

– Garrett

“When I started care, I was having severe headaches almost every day. Now they have decreases greatly..”

– Crystal

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